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(L-R) Jason Rainey - Rhythm Guitar. Phil Rind - Bass, Vocals. Greg Hall - Drums. Wiley Arnett - Lead Guitar

(Highly Innacurate) History - This is probably hella-wrong in some places, but it's the best I could do. If you're looking to do research for a school paper on =SR= or anything, this probably isn't the place to look. And pay no mind to the order the pictures are in. I tried to have them in order at first, but it just didn't work. Also, I don't have the greatest scanner on earth, and most are blown-up versions of tiny little pics from the collage in the Still Ignorant CD insert, so they might not be the sharpest images on the planet Could be worse...

1985 - Sacred Reich is formed by a bunch of kids from Coronado High School in Scottsdale including Jason Rainey, Jeff Martinek, some singer guy named Dan, and a drummer and a bassplayer I know nothing about. They kick out the aforementioned drummer and bassplayer, and Greg Hall and Phil Rind join. On the eve of recording their first demo, some stuff happened, the singer was kicked out, and Phil took over vocal duties. The result was Draining You of Life, which soon began to get the band noticed, most importantly by Metal Blade Records. Jeff Martinek then leaves to join the army, allowing Wiley Arnett to take over on lead guitar. The band records the song "Ignorance," re-records "Sacred Reich," and sends it to Metal Blade.

1986 - With the help of Phil's buddy Jason Newsted (that name sounds familiar...), the new song "Ignorance appears on Metal Blade's Metal Massacre VII compilation. Brian Slagel recognizes a good thing when he sees it, signs them, and Sacred Reich begins work on their first album.

1987 - Ignorance is released, and the world rejoices. Touring ensues.

1988 - Touring stops for a while, and the 4-song EP (6, if you got the CD version) Surf Nicaragua is released. The title track becomes a fan favorite, a video is recorded, and more touring ensues.

1989 - While doing some more touring, the band records a few tracks during their performance at the Dynamo Open Air Festival in Eindhoven, Holland. The live EP Alive at the Dynamo is released on Roadracer records, which is odd, since I think they were still on Metal Blade at the time. In other label-related news, the band inks a new deal with Enigma records. Touring stops for a little while to work on a new album.

1990 - After some writing and recording, their second full-length album, The American Way, is released, and the world rejoices once again. More videos are made, some T-shirts are sold, and you guessed it - More touring happens.

1991 - Enigma records turns out to not be as great as it sounded at first, and Sacred Reich moves on, and signs with Mickey Mouse-owned Hollywood records. Everything is going great, until Greg decides he's had enough of the constant touring and leaves the band. Former member of San Antionio thrash band Slayer (not the famous Slayer with Kerry King... a different band named Slayer) Dave McClain joins the band. Another break, and the 3-song EP A Question is released. The world rejoices, but not much, since it's only three songs.

1992 - Some touring happens, and work begins on the third album.

1993 - Their third full-length album, Independence is released, widely promoted by several singles and 1,000 bongs inscribed with the band's name. The album recieves rave reviews and is a big success, more videos are made, more T-shirts are sold, the world rejoices, and more touring ensues.

1994 - The band records the Black Sabbath song "Sweet Leaf" for the Columbia Records Black Sabbath Tribute, but unfortunately, it doesn't get on the record. It instead makes an appearance on the semi-rare promo single sent to radio stations, along with a few songs by Ugly Kid Joe, Cathedral, and Sepultura. Meanwhile in Germany, some guys at Hammerjack Records come across some recoding of the band at the 1990 Dynamo Festival and release a CD of those tracks. And the touring continues.

1995 - Starting a tradition that would later almost claim the career of The Insane Clown Posse, Hollywood Records screws over a band they had previously treated like royalty, and drops Sacred Reich in favor of a bunch of shitty grunge bands that ended up never amounting to anything. Undaunted, the band returns home to Metal Blade.

1996 - The band's fourth full-length, Heal, is released and the world rejoices. Then, Dave McClain leaves to join Machine Head, where he gets a makeover to resemble Eminem, and that band proceeds to become a cheesey hippity-hoppity Wal-Mart core group to make more money. (I bet the other former members of Vio-Lence make fun of Rob Flynn constantly) Meanwhile, Chuck Fitzgerald joins Sacred Reich and more touring ensues. Also, the band's version of "Sweet Leaf" finally sees the light of day, on the High Times compilation, Hempilation 96: Freedom is Norml. And potheads rejoiced.

1997 - The band decides that it's time to settle down and finally spend some quality time with friends and family, so the touring ends faster than usual. Greg Hall rejoins (yay!), and the live album Still Ignorant is released. The world rejoices, but no touring this time. In the meantime, Wiley creates the official Sacred Reich website, The Sacred Reich Pages.

1998 - More relaxing and quality time with friends / family, along with a few shows in the Phoenix Area.

1999 - Basically the same as 98.

2000 - The year begins with reports of work on the band's fifth studio album. Then, in April Phil decides that between his family, his job, and the new label he's starting (More info coming soon if I can find it), there simply isn't enough time for Sacred Reich anymore. The band officially breaks up, and the world does not rejoice. It still remains to be seen what the other three members will do, but if I find out, I'll post it here. It's been a hell of a trip, and it was finally time to let it end.

1985 - 2000