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=Information and Stuff =


Your brave and fearless webmaster:

I'm Lucas, (or Beren, depending on who you ask) a 21 year old from Cleveland, Mississippi who enjoys making web pages about Sacred Reich in my spare time. I'm a former National Merit Scholar who has basically flunked out of two major universities (if you consider Delta State to be major, otherwise, it's just one...) and now works two shitty jobs. The first time I heard Sacred Reich was when I was about 9 years old and the video for "The American Way" showed on Headbanger's Ball. I can't honestly say I was blown away by it or anything, but that's because I was 9 freaking years old. When I heard "Independent" a few years later, I was old enough to appreciate stuff not involving a cartoon and line of action figures, and I've been into =SR= ever since.

Fear, kid.  FEAR.
I really should have used a different picture...

Contact info:

If you have any questions, comments, or stuff you think I can use for the page (lyrics to "Let's Have a War" would be nice...) You can email me here, unless you know one of my 500 other email adresses I'm not posting on this page.

Other stuff:

Sound clips made with my computer (duh), RealProducer, and Goldwave

Most images came from my scanner, the rest were stolen from The Sacred Reich Pages, Ebay, CDNow, or other places I can't remember right now.

Space provided by Tripod - The only server I've had a page on that hasn't sucked. Fuck Crosswinds.

Guestbook from Guestworld.

My =SR= Collection: This is here for bragging purposes only, and none of this is for sale. If I have something you want, and you want me to make you a tape or something, email me for more info.