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=News / Updates=

Remember: I'm in Mississippi, barely keep up with the goings-on in metal these days, and don't really have any connections for information, So this page probably won't be an authority on all the Sacred news items of the day. If you want to help out with some info, email me.

October 17, 2001 - After Crosswinds deleted my site, I was lazy and unwilling to re-upload the 6 megs of shit here, so it stayed unpublished for about a year. Anyway, the page is back, although it probably won't be updated much, heh. Here's what I've heard on the whereabouts of the former Sacred Reich members so far:
On August 2, Wiley cracked some ribs, bruised his spleen, and was otherwise just kind of beaten up in a single-car accident. He's doing fine, and working with his new band, The Human Condition, on an upcoming first album.
Jason produced an album for someone, but I forgot who it was, because someone told it to me in a chatroom, and I forgot to write it down or anything, heh.
Supposedly, Greg is doing some work with Soulfly. Say it ain't so, Greg... Not sure what the status of his other band, PWR, is.
From what I heard, Phil was going to start managing bands and was trying to get a label started. Haven't heard anything specific, though.
Dave McLain is still in Machine Head, trying his best to look like Eminem, while he kicks out the mad phat beats, yo.
More news coming if I get it, heh. I might have some new sound clips up soon from the "Trashing Frankfort" bootleg, if I get bored enough to hook the tape player to the computer, but I have to warn you: It sounds like shit. Also, unless the guy selling it screws me, (and I've been screwed on this before) I might finally have a copy of "Draining You of Life" coming in soon. Stay tuned.