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=Sacred Images=

Click the thumbnails to enlarge. This page will probably take a year to load, but you'll live, you wusses.

Animated logo stolen from the Sacred Reich Pages.
The coolest animated logo I've ever seen.
The logo that's on every =SR= site on the net. Only works against black background.
Large logo scanned from the cover of Still Ignorant.
Cool striped logo, also stolen from the Sacred Reich pages.
Simple white logo.
Cover of the Draining You of Life demo.
Ignorance album cover.
Ignorance inside art.
Ignorance CD back cover.
Surf Nicaragua cover.
Surf Nicaragua CD back cover.
Surf Nicaragua picture disc.
Alive at the Dynamo cover.
Back of Alive at the Dynamo CD booklet.
The American Way advance promo tape.
The American Way cover.
The American Way back cover.
Back cover of the 31 Flavors promo single.
Uncensored Material cover.
Uncensored Material back cover.
A Question cover.
Independent cover. (thumbnail just shows front - actual pic shows front and back)
Independent inside art.
Back cover of "Independent" single.
"Independent" single CD.
Open Book / Big Picture promo CD single.
Open Book / Big Picture back cover.
Dynamo Open Air - Eindhoven 4-6-'90 bootleg cover.
Dynamo Open Air - Eindhoven 4-6-'90 back cover.
Heal promo advance copy digipak.
Heal cover.
Japanese Import Version of Heal, before I took the wrapper off.
Card that came off the side of the Heal Japanese Import, after I took the wrapper off.
Still Ignorant cover.
Falling monster pic.
Monster logo.
Picture from Independent. Only works against black background.
Surf Nicaragua patch.
Surf Nicaragua T shirt.
Back of above shirt.
Independent T-shirt.
Back of above shirt.
"One Nation" tour T Shirt.
Sacred Reich pendant.
1990 Pro Set Superstars Music Card #227.
Heal tour T-shirt.
Heal poster.
Heal promotional matches.
Flyer from a show with Dead Horse in 1989.
Flyer from another Dead Horse show in '90. (Horsecore!)
Flyer from some time around 1993.
Ticket from a show with Sepultura in Germany around 1990.
Jason Rainey guitar pick.
Sacred Reich drumstick. Not sure if it's a Greg one or a Dave one, though...
Independent promo poster flat.
Independent promo postcard.
Autographed Independent promo 8x10.
"Violent Solutions" T-shirt.
Back of above shirt.
"Violent Solutions" back patch.
"Crimes Against Humanity" T-shirt.
Back of above shirt.
Flyer from 1996.
Sacred Reich logo pin.
Group photo from Ignorance.
Group photo from Surf Nicaragua.
Group photo from The American Way.
Group photo from Dynamo Open Air bootleg.
=SR= and friends.
Promo photo from 1993.
Group photo from Independent.
Group photo from about 1993.
Sacred Reich and some guy I've never seen before, heh.
Cool watercolor group pic, c. 1993.
Group pic from 1996.
Same as above.
Promo photo from 1996. Same pic as above, but a LOT bigger.
1997 promo photo.
Group picture from back cover of Still Ignorant.
Greg, Phil, and some interesting glasses...
Phil from 1996.
Phil pic that's actually the cover of the Dynamo bootleg, with creative editing to get rid of the band name / CD title.
Phil pic that looks as thought it may be from the same show as the above pic.
Phil as pictured in Still Ignorant.
Wiley, way back in the day.
Another old pic of Wiley.
Wiley, and I swear to God, I think that's Dustin Diamond, a.k.a. TV's "Screech."
Wiley in the studio with Bill Metoyer.
Wiley Jamming, some time around 1993.
Wiley from the same photo session as above.
Wiley in 1996.
Wiley as seen in Still Ignorant.
Jason Rainey... And Jason Rainey's ass.
Jason, up close and personal.
Jason, picture from the Dynamo Open Air bootleg.
Jason from 1996.
Jason, as seen in Still Ignorant.
Awwwww, how sweet.
Greg with short hair. I'm not really sure when this was taken.
Greg, pic from the inside of the Dynamo bootleg.
Greg, as seen in Still Ignorant.
Dave McClain, shortly before he joined Machine Head and got his Eminem makeover.