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=Sacred Merchandise=

Where to spend your hard-earned cash.

Sacred Reich Die Cast Pin from

eBay - Occasionally some really cool stuff up for auction here. (Bootlegs, out of print stuff, etc.) It's where I got a promo single and live bootleg, and almost got a copy of A Question?

CDNow - Self-explanatory

Rockabilia - Where to get a necklace or a cool patch. Whee.

Total Recall - HUGE music place. Lots of rare and out of print stuff, including the "Crawling" promo single.

Out of Print Music - The name is self-explanatory. They have copies of Uncensored Material as well as the Dynamo bootleg that came out in '94. Coolness.

Yahoo Auctions - There's occaisionally some cool stuff here (A Question?, guitar pics, etc.), but it's usually just 20 people selling off their SR trading cards...

More coming soon, I hope